Memphis, Tennessee Missteps in Regards to Following the Legacy of Dr. King

The current national "Black Lives Matter" movement, Racial Discrimination, Killing of unarmed Black men in America by law enforcement, income inequality, and President Obama's recent trip to Kenya and Ethiopia honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Memphis is slow to live up the the Martin Luther King legacy.

Dr. Martin Luther King was one of  America's Greatest proponents of bringing the African and African/American  family together. From 1957 until his death Dr. King was a Member of ACOA  ("American Committee on Africa.")  Dr. King traveled to Ghana for its Independence ceremony in 1957. In his last speech in Memphis Dr. King mentions Nairobi, Kenya, Accra, Ghana and Johannesburg, South Africa.

American President Barack Obama recently returned from Africa becoming the 1st American President to visit Kenya and Ethiopia.  The Whitehouse website reads: "Just as President Kennedy's historic visit to Ireland in 1963 celebrated the connections between Irish-Americans and their forefathers, President Obama's trip will honor the strong historical ties between the united states and Kenya-and all of Africa-from the millions of Americans who trace their ancestry to the African continent."

President Obama's recent trip to Africa was in the "spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King. The President connected African Americans and Americans back to their African heritage. 

Barack Obama 1st went to Kenya in 1988. Anthony "Amp" Elmore  a 5 time world Karate/Kicboxing champion who lives in Memphis has tried for over two decades  to built trade and family relationship between Memphis and Africa. Elmore 1st went to Kenya in 1990 to premier his Memphis produced film "The Contemporary Gladiator."  In 1992 Elmore met with Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi.  Elmore tried hard to get Memphis Mayor W.W.Herenton to develop cultural, economic, and family relationships with Kenya and Africa. Elmore created in Memphis the 1st "All African style home in America" and he operated an African Import store.

In February of 2007 newly elected White Congressman in Memphis Steve Cohen introduced and got legislation passed whereas America apologized for slavery.  Cohen came to Elmore's home for Memphis 1st Black History month African dinner. Elmore for decades has attempted to develop "Cultural Equality" in Memphis.

In December of 2008 Elmore and Dr. Herenton was at a Christmas party at the office of mutual friend. Unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, Memphis Mayor Herenton actions was vehemently opposed to  building any kind of relationships with Africa.  Elmore told his friend Mayor Herenton thank goodness we have  a President in the Whitehouse who would support Memphis developing relationships with Africa.  Herenton told Elmore that "he had his boy Congressman Steve Cohen."

Enter 2009; Obama takes office and Elmore designed the President an African styled Tuxedo delivered to the Whitehouse by Congressman Cohen. President Obama sends Elmore a "Thank you note." President Obama travels to Ghana and Congressman Cohen recognizes Elmore's efforts on the floor of Congress.

Enter October 2009 Memphis elects A.C. Wharton the 2nd Black Memphis Mayor.  Since 2009 Elmore has been trying to get Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton to connect with Africa. In 2010 Congressman Cohen connected Elmore with African Embassies of Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and later South Africa. Elmore notes that not only could Memphis  create 1000's of jobs America could create 1000's of jobs via trade with Africa.

Elmore notes that Memphis culture and history in relationship to being the "Cotton and slave Capital of the world" can be transformed to become the model city in America as "Africa's Distribution Center" if our city Mayor had the will to make change.

Elmore notes there exist in Memphis  an antiquated "Cultural Inequality."  Memphis Tennessee was founded in 1819 by Andrew Jackson who was a wealthy slave owner. Andrew Jackson is on record of creating the largest ethnic cleansing act in world history known as the "Trail of tears" whereas all  native Americans were moved to reservations. 

Established in 2006 Memphis has a "Cotton Museum" that highlights the racist culture, industry wealth that generations of  Whites enjoy today in Memphis, where cotton is still King.  While Memphis was the "Slave Capital of the World there is not one single icon supported by the "City of Memphis" whereas the sons and daughters of slaves who created the wealth in Memphis can connect to their "African Roots." Elmore calls this "cultural inequality" whereas African/American children in Memphis are not learning of their African history before their ancestors were brought to Memphis as slaves.

In May of 2013 Elmore traveled to Kenya to meet with Sarah Obama the grandmother of President Obama.  Grandmother Sarah Obama was thrilled by Elmore's visit and explained to him that he was the 1st African/American to visit her home since her grandson was elected President. She explained to Elmore that Africa was his home and he was family to Africans taken to America.  She told Elmore that she was also his grandmother. Elmore asked Grandmother Sarah Obama to come to Memphis and invite African/Americans home to Kenya and Africa.

Elmore wrote Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton and Memphis leaders to help support  Grandmother Sarah Obama coming to Memphis. Elmore also met with 5 Kenya governors whom he asked to come to Memphis to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and Kenyan leader Tom Mboya who started "Airlift America" that got Obama Sr. from Kenya to Hawaii.

In July of 2013 four newly elected Kenya Governors  came to Memphis.  Elmore who had been in touch with Memphis leaders regarding his trip to Kenya was asked by the Kenyan representative representing the Governors, asked Elmore to provide contact information in Memphis. Elmore gave them the name of his friend Tennessee State Representative G. A. Hardaway a respected Tennessee State legislator and close friend of Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton.

The Kenya Governors in concert with Representative Hardaway changed the "narrative" of the Governors visit to Memphis."  The  Newly elected Kenya Governors had been on the job for less than five months. Their visit to Memphis was not only unknown to the Kenya Embassy in Washington D.C. their actions went against the national Government in Kenya.

Most precarious was Representative Hardaway's new found relationship with Kenya Governor Cornel Rasanga who represents "Siaya County" the Historic County where the Obama family lives.  Any action between the City of Memphis and "Siaya County" reflects on the President of the United States. Elmore's plan was to connect the City of Memphis with "Siaya County."  Elmore wants to take Memphis students to see the place where the father of President Obama was born. Elmore wanted Governor Rasanga to come to Memphis, honor Dr. King and invite Memphians to visit the historic town where the Obama family lives.

The Kenya Governors were not interested "Cultural Relationships" instead they wrote a letter to Mayor Wharton asking him to help them find investors. They were looking for personal gain.  Kenya Governor Cornel Rasanga found in representative G. A. Hardaway the "Hookup."  G.A. Hardaway an elected Memphis official had access to Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton, his job allowed him access to investors and he could in Memphis broker personal deal in "Broad Daylight" and not face "ethics violation" because of a culture in Memphis that allows Blacks to cheat Blacks.

In December of 2013 Kenya Governor Rasanga returned to Memphis with the entire "Siaya County legislative body."  Withstanding the fact that "Siaya County" is the home of President Obama's family, the culture in Memphis allowed Representative Hardaway to conspire with Kenya legislators who are ripping off poor people in Siaya County where President Obama's family lives.  The fact that this is an embarrassment to President Obama does not matter in Memphis in that Hardaway's actions were a bold move in that he understood his actions affects President Obama and he still worked out a "Clandestine Deal."

July 24, 25, 26 President Obama came to Kenya.  President Obama did not visit Siaya, County. Elmore holds that the corruption in Memphis contributed to President Obama not visiting Kogelo, Kenya in Siaya County.  President Obama was the 1st American President to  visit Kenya and Ethiopia. His visit to Kenya was to promote family, business, trade and education.   Elmore is finding an uphill climb in Memphis at promoting African family,culture and trade. Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen Steve Cohen appeared at an Event at Elmore's home whereas he celebrated President Obama's visit to Kenya and Ethiopia. Congressman Cohen Presented Elmore with a Congressional Proclamation honoring his efforts in Memphis and America at developing trade with Africa.

Tennessee State Senator Reginald Tate arranged for Elmore to meet with the Tennessee Commissioner of economic and community development. Elmore plans to travel to Kenya in October of 2015 and ask Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta to visit Memphis. He also wants Grandmother Sarah Obama to visit Memphis. Elmore is hoping Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton will work to change the narrative in Memphis of "cultural  inequality" in Memphis.


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