Celestial Stars Lineup for the Proposed Black Homecoming Celebration in Kenya July 2019

Anthony "Amp" Elmore travel to Kenya in January of 2005. He stopped by the office of Najib Balala to thank him for come to Memphis in April of 2004.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore a five time World Karate/Kickboxing champion seeks the cause of "Heaven and Heroes" to help bring the Africans home. Since the Atlantic Slave Trade when Africans were kidnapped from Africa as slaves no African country has offered Black Americans a "Formal State Reception" or a "cultural Pathway to return to their ancestral home of Africa. Anthony "Amp" Elmore is asking Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta to "Formally invite Black Americans home to Africa in Kenya in July 2019.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore a Memphis five time world Karate/Kickboxing champion​  achieved his greatest dream when he visited Africa in 1990. Elmore visited Nairobi, Kenya to premier his independent Memphis made film "The Contemporary Gladiator." During his Kenya visit at Safari at Massai Mara plains in Kenya Elmore noted that he  was visited by "Ancestral Spirits" and his life was never the same anymore.

Elmore notes that the "Ancestral Spirits" admonished him to bring his family home and "tell Black Americans to visit their ancestral home to make peace in the spirit of our African Ancestors. The one subject that America does not wish to talk about is "America's original Sin of Slavery." The  idea of a Black man simply bringing up the subject or even connecting to his or her African heritage is  frowned upon by many in America.

Elmore notes that in the 1960's we Black Americans fought to make our African heritage inclusive of our life and culture in America and we were ostracized and condemned as un-American.  By wearing the African dress and large Afro-hair styles we Black Americans who identified with our African heritage paid a price.  Even today in 2015 many African/Americans  who demonstrate a strong cultural heritage in many cases are condemned. We read of many who cannot work certain jobs because of their natural "African hair" styles.

Elmore took groups to Kenya for a decade and he married a Kenyan wife. While he and his Kenyan wife are no longer married they have a 17 son who is 1/2 Kenyan.  In 1992 Elmore had the fortune to meet Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi.  Elmore explained to the Kenya President about awaking and dedication to bring African/Americans home to Africa and President Moi told Elmore that he was an "African Ambassador."

Elmore an over 45 year Nichiren Buddhist understand that  in order for African/Americans to return to Africa the "Gods would have to react, the stars would have to line up and heroes would have to emerge." In 1992 Memphis elected it first African/American mayor Dr. W.W. Herenton. 

Elmore notes that  a direct connection to Kenya President Moi and a newly elected Black mayor would seem to be a natural fit, however such a fit did not fit into "The Stars." African/American Memphis Mayor W.W. Herenton flat out rejected any idea or association with Kenya or Africa. In 2004 Elmore was successful in getting the Memphis annual "Africa in April" cultural festival to honor Kenya.  Kenya minister of Tourism Najib Balala came from Kenya to attend the festival.  The idea that such a high ranking Kenya official would come to Memphis was significant.

In 2008 the stars took an amazing turn when America elected its first Black President Barack Obama Jr. whose father is of Kenya descent. 

In the homes of many older Black Americans one would find a picture of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy on the wall.  The Kennedy's were not just elected officials they were true Heroes to Black people. The Kennedy family supported a program called "Airlift America" whereas a 23 year old Kenyan by the name of Barack Obama Sr. came to America to go to school in Hawaii.  History notes the Kennedy association to the Obama legacy and Kenya.

Elmore notes that without Gods and Heroes  many of us would be dead, certainly without Heroes ideas can die.  Elmore credits that in 1990 his idea from a tent at the Massai Mara  plains in Kenya would be dead if not for a "White Hero" Jewish Memphis Congressman by the name of Steve Ira Cohen. 

During a 2008 Christmas party at a mutual friend's office Elmore and Memphis Mayor W.W. Herenton met face to face regarding the issue of Africa. Mayor Herenton reminded Elmore that he was "not the one" and he had "his boy Steve Cohen." Elmore designed a African tuxedo for President Obama that Congressman Cohen personally delivered to the Whitehouse. The Tuxedo was accepted by the Whitehouse and President Obama sent Elmore a thank you note. In July of 2009 Congressman Cohen acknowledged Elmore's work to bring trade, culture and relationships between America and Africa.

In 2009 Congressman Cohen arranged for Elmore to meet Ambassadors of Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya. When Elmore met Kenya Ambassador Peter Ogego he showed the ambassador how he got Kenya honored in Memphis in 2004. Elmore showed a picture of him with Kenya Minister of Tourism Najib Balala taken in Kenya in January of 2005.  Ambassador Ogego welcomed Elmore's ideas and gave Elmore 100% assurances that Kenya would support the idea of bringing Africans and Americans closer.

In 2011 the stars turned for the worst in that Kenya named a new Ambassador; Elkanah Odembo.  Ambassador Odembo represented an on going political battle that tore Kenya apart after their 2007 elections whereas United Nations head Kofi Annan brokered a power sharing agreement between Kenya President Kibaki and  Kenya prime minister Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga a relative of Odembo was instrumental in getting  Odembo appointed as the Kenya Ambassador to the United states. 

Unfortunately while Elmore was not involved in Kenya politics his relationship and good will Kenya came to an almost end when Congressman Cohen invited Kenya Ambassador Odembo to meet Elmore at his office in February of 2012. Ambassador Odembo eviscerated Elmore and he expressed to congressman Cohen that their office wanted nothing to do with Elmore or any of his ideas.

Elmore spoke with Ambassador Odembo outside after the meeting and Ambassador Odembo explained to Elmore that it was nothing personal against him, he explained that the reason the Kenya Government would not support his idea was because of the past relationship he had with Kenya minister of tourism Najib Balala. It was noted by the Kenya Government that any support of Anthony "Amp" Elmore was an endorsement of Najib Balala and that Balala would be fired.  In March of 2012 Kenya President Kibaki fired Najib Balala as Kenya's minister of tourism.

The Kenya 2013 Elections promised new hope for Elmore. A group supporting a new vision in Kenya invited Elmore to Kenya whereas he not only met 6 Kenya Governors Elmore was  advised that President Obama's Grandmother Sarah Obama would endorse the idea and that he was to rush to Kenya.  Elmore traveled to Kenya in May of 2013.

When Elmore met President Obama's Grandmother Sarah Obama. She explained to Elmore via an interpreter that he was from the family of Africans they took to America and he was at home.  Grandmother Sarah Obama clearly explained to Elmore that she was also his Grandmother.  Grandmother Sarah Obama agreed to come to Memphis and she would stay with Elmore at his home in Memphis. Elmore notes to tell President Obama based on Grandmother Sarah they are cousins.

In July of 2013 four Kenya Governors came to Memphis. Elmore's idea was the Governors would honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and support the idea of Africans/Americans and Americans coming to Kenya for a "Formal State reception." Kenya Governor Cornell Rasanga who represents the district where the Obama family lives made two trips to Memphis bringing his entire Siaya County cabinet to Memphis working a deal for "personal gain.  Elmore who introduced the Kenyans to his Tennessee State Representative G. A. Hardaway and Kenya Governor Rasanga. Elmore called such a deal shameful and such actions embarrassed President Obama. They changed the narrative to a personal clandestine deal. Elmore notes that it would have been an honor to Memphians to meet the Governor who represented the Obama family in Kenya and such a meeting was an opportunity to build relationships between Memphis and Kenya.

In August of 2014 President Obama called for the first time in history organized "The African leaders Summit" and Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta attended.  In December of 2014 the International court dropped the charges against Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and relationships between America and Kenya changed.

On March 30, 2015 President Obama announced that he would travel to both Kenya and Ethiopia.  The White house Website mention Just as President Kennedy visit to Ireland connected Americans of Irish Heritage to their Irish Heritage President Obama's trip to Kenya connected African/Americans to their "African Heritage."

The stars lined up in favor of the the African/American celebration in Kenya. Congressman Steve Cohen not only supported Elmore supporting President Obama's visit to Kenya and Ethiopia in July of 2015.  Congressman Cohen honored Elmore at the event and on November 11, 2015 Memphis Congressman  Cohen wrote a letter to Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Kenya Ambassador asking them to meet with Elmore. 

The letter was endorsed by Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton and Tennessee State Senator Reginald Tate.  On November 26, 2015 Kenya President  re-appointed Najib Balala Kenya Minister of Tourism.

Kenya the birthplace of the father of  American President Barack Obama Jr.  Kenya has the perfect culture, history and infrastructure to host a major celebration in July of 2019.  The stars line up where Kenya has the perfect minister of Tourism, a great Kenya President and we will have a perfect ex-American President, hero White Jewish Congressman and a Kickboxing Champion whose passion range from over 25 years to help bring the Americans to visit Africa in July of 2019.


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