Safari Initiative Foundation
Safari Initiative Foundation
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Founded: 2011

The Safari Initiative Foundation is a non Profit organization organized by Anthony "Amp" Elmore.  Elmore 1st traveled to Kenya in 1990 to premier his independent film "The Contemporary Gladiator." While on Safari in Kenya Elmore notes that he was visited by "Ancestral Spirits" in Kenya that motivated his to dedicate his life to re-connecting the Ancestor of Africans in America with Africa and Africans.

Elmore took groups to Kenya for over a decade.  In 1998 Elmore visited Ghana and opened an African Import Company, later created the 1st "All African style home in America."  Elmore connected with the spirit of Kenya's Tom Mboya. Elmore for many years has been working on the Safari Initiative.  In 2013 Elmore met with Nairobi County Governor Dr. Evans Kidero who asked Elmore to present his business credentials.  Elmore formally Created the "Safari Initiative Foundation.

Elmore presented those credentials to Dr. Evans Kidero who promised to introduce Elmore to Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta.